It’s a !!!

As you know, I get irritated quite easily. But what pushes my buttons more than anything in the history of ever, is the great gender debate. I’m going to break this down into two different gender things that upset me,

1st. people, complete strangers, that would see me pregnant and see Cartier and say, “oh I hope it’s a girl!” Or “you need a girl in your life now”. Now as I walk around with both my sons, it’s a CONSTANT,

“are you going to try for a girl??”

“Dads need a daughter”

“boys always leave, daughters become your best friends”

“you need to complete the family with a little girl”

My family is not incomplete. I’m not missing anything. My sons are more than enough and I absolutely HATE when random people think they can go ahead and make dumb comments like that. It’s subliminally saying these boys aren’t enough, a child with a vagina will make your family better. I have never nor will I ever care about the gender of my children. Whenever you struggle with pregnancies, fertility, PPD, you’re grateful for whatever healthy baby the Lord gives you.

My sweet, Ellis. Boy, did we struggle. And we found out we were having another boy!! We were absolutely ELATED. And people would ask and we’d say we’re having another boy! And you can see the mild disappointment like “aw another one?” YEAH. ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL AMAZING WONDERFUL BLESSING. I have prayed for this child for longer than you can imagine. I don’t care whether my children are born with a penis, or a vagina. It’s absolutely MIND-BLOWING to me that people seem to care so much about what genitals their kids are born with.

And what is going to continue to irk me is, one day (actually now LOL), I’ll want a third baby. And walking around with 2 sweet little boys, I can already hear the comments. The insensitivity. Next time around I won’t even tell anyone I’m pregnant until my sweet baby is here. And whatever private part they are born with, please know I am INCREDIBLY blessed to have been able to have another child and I am happy, 100% no matter what God gives us 🙂

Also sex doesn’t equal gender!! Yeah I’m one of those 🙂

The part 2 of this debate is the the OVERWHELMING GENDER ROLES we put on ours kids ????!!!! Listen, if either one of my sons wants to paint their nails, dye their hair, play with dolls, wear sparkly clothes, why should it matter?

Some person, YEARS AGO (PROBABLY A WHITE MAN HONESTLY) told y’all, pink is for people with VAGINAS. And now you see a little boy who likes pink and your first thoughts are either he might turn gay or he doesn’t have a dad role model or his mom probably wanted a girl? Ridiculous. My oldest sees me do my makeup and paint my nails and obviously, he’s curiosity is peeked. He has asked me to paint his nails and I do so gladly because if I didn’t, he’d ask “why?”. And what’s the answer? “Because it’s for girls”? And if he asked “why?” Again? I have no answer. In my world, there is simply no reason why certain things are for girls and certain things are for boys.

I’ll allow both my children to wear whatever the hell they please. If we see something pink that we like, we buy it. Because gender roles ARE NOT REAL. I want everyone to listen so CAREFULLY. Someone…made…them…up. And we all obliged because it’s what society does. But you’re allowed to wear and like whatever you want!!!! It shouldn’t be specific to genitals you have!!! Do you see how it make 0 sense ???? “I have a penis so I can not like pink because that color is for vaginas.” LIKE ???

Ok I’m done, this topic gets me heated to no end, I could go on but I’ll STOP.


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