Isolating or distancing. Whatever we wanna call this. I’m usually always home but I’m feeling a little crazy right now. But I’m pretty sure it’s also cause I’m a bit anxious about everything. I’m a homebody so I’ve always loved being in my own space, but now it feels scary.

My husband works maintenance at a store deemed “essential”. He is high risk because of all the people that come in and out, he has contact with tons of people every single day. He comes home, he doesn’t touch our babies or basically anything until he’s showered with very hot water and I wash his clothes every day. Straight into boiling water as soon as he comes home. But I’m scared that might not be enough.

My 4 year old is autistic. And while he hardly gets sick and thankfully has been quite healthy his whole life, he’s immunocompromised. Children with autism have been proven to have weaker immune systems. This virus makes people with weak immune systems critically ill. Add that on top of the stress of having a 3 month old, and you have me, an insanely paranoid mom.

I pray every single night before I go to bed that we stay okay during all this. Every single day I’m stressed and anxious. Not just for the family I’ve made, although they are my everything, I’m scared for everyone around us. I want everyone to get through this unscathed. I can’t wait until the day this is over and we can say we got through this. To the day where we go and sit down at a nice restaurant or take a walk at the park. Going to the grocery store.

Speaking it into existence: we will all be okay. Our lives will be back to normal soon. We will stay healthy and wonderful.


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