I always feel so anxious about wanting one more baby. I already have 2 healthy boys, why push my luck?

I’m a pessimist that disguises herself as a realist. For every situation I have a list of things that can always go wrong. Never what might go right.

Life is definitely harder with two kids, and one is only 3 months old!! Why am I thinking about having another one right now!?!

Because I love my babies with alllll my being and I’m obsessed with my own children and their perfection and my heart feels like I have room for one more.

But my head says…wait. Until you move in to a bigger house, until the ~right~ time.

Then my heart says, it’s never the right time. You’ll always make an excuse as to why you should wait so might as well just have one more now. Then all your babies will be close in age and when you’re 30, your youngest would be 4 or 5 and you’ll be done with itty bitty babies.

Oh I just love these boys too much, they make me want to have a million of them. Their tantrums, their never ending energy, their pure love. I didn’t know having babies would make me feel so much exhaustion yet all this love.


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