Support System

Wow I’m so thankful.

I realized earlier this year when my emotional health hit rock bottom (blame pregnancy hormones and postpartum) I am surrounded by angels.

I remember my first instinct was to tell my husband everything. And my mom. And my sister. And my best friend. And I realized, a lot of people don’t have that. They bottle up their sadness and either try to be strong, or don’t feel comfortable enough to share these things.

I have always always always been able to open up to my husband and best friend about my deepest darkest feelings. It’s funny because they’ve both been in my life for 10 years. I can tell them anything and everything and know, they’re truly listening and will get me out of any deep dark hole.

Then I have my sister who I use as comedic relief. I go to her to distract me and make me laugh. She’ll make fun of my feelings but in the most sincere way I can describe, in a way that makes me know that she cares and loves me, and also to make me laugh at myself. Yeah you’re right, I’m a little dramatic, but thanks for validating me.

My mother. This person I call every single day. The original “best friend”. I love her more and more as I keep getting older. I see a lot of her in me. And, no one can hug me and make all my monsters go away like my mommy. She makes all the darkness disappear with just her soothing voice.

I guess ultimately I have to thank God for these lovely amazing angels he put in my life. Because I would honestly be no where without them. I’d be depressed, alone and not have anyone to lean on. I want them in my life for as long as I live.


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