Birth Stories

I love hearing/reading birth stories. I never really shared mine, unless asked of course. While Cartier made his way into this world slow and steady, Ellis came fast and furious.

Cartier, February 18, 2016-

His actual birth story begins on February 17th, 2016. It was a scheduled induction. My son was not thriving inside of me. We had known for weeks. Ultrasound after ultrasound, he was just a tiny boy. It was decided it would be best if we scheduled an induction for 37 weeks, you know, just in case at some point he stopped growing, his heart could just stop beating.

Honestly, my entire pregnancy with him was terrifying. I was scared. I think that’s why it took so long for us to agree to have one more, I was so traumatized by the fear I felt with my first pregnancy

Either way, my induction failed. We started at 5 PM on February 17th. Broke my water February 18th, 8 AM. That’s when the fun started. I made it to 5 cm before I tapped out. Give me an EPIDURAL, there’s no need for the USELESS PAIN. But after that, I stopped progressing as fast they wanted me to. They last time they checked me, I felt this intense pressure and she said I was almost at 10 cm!! She called my doctor so I could push but he said that I needed to have a c-section because it had been too long.

Sometimes I used to feel a bit glum about that. I could have pushed right? But now, I’m so happy my baby came out that way. He was born small, 5lbs 7oz. 9:52 PM. That’s about 28 hours, I guess. So like I said, a very slow labor. No complications except my failure to progress. His cry was honestly the most beautiful sound I heard and for the first time in my life, I cried joyful tears the moment I heard him. His due date was March 9th. He came February 18th.

Cartier 02-18-16

-Ellis, December 28th, 2019

NOW, this little nugget. He caught us all completely off guard. I was somewhat attempting a VBAC so we didn’t really schedule a c-section. I was very on the fence about it because I know all the risks. The biggest one being a uterine rupture, which if it happens, you have a few minutes to get baby out during an emergency c-section. It has to be very fast and hasty because the longer the baby is in you after a rupture, the higher the chance of permanent brain damage or death. Like I’ve said before, I am incredibly paranoid. I wanted this baby so so so so bad and would it really be worth it to risk his life for what…a vag badge? To be able to say I had a vaginal birth?? Like what point was I trying to prove. These are all things I kept saying to myself, talking myself out of a VBAC. The risks are very low…but they’re still there.

So anyways, I spoke to my doctor several times and she could see my hesitancy. She said all of it was my decision, so at my 37 week appointment (12-24-2019), I decided to wait until 39 weeks to have a scheduled c-section. Ellis was due January 9th. There weren’t any complications or reasons to be induced or have him out earlier so I decided waiting wouldn’t hurt.

There were no active signs of labor. At my appointment which was on Christmas Eve, I wasn’t even dilated or effaced. On the 26th, I hit 38 weeks. Still nothing. I felt great. Braxton Hicks were awful as was the pelvic pressure but I felt all that since 12 weeks so, no big deal. I remember on the 27th, we went out to eat pupusas and have ice cream. We took cute pictures and I felt awesome.

Day before Elli came. I felt zero signs of labor!

December 28th 2019. Saturday. My husband woke up at 5 AM to go to work, I tried going back to sleep but these Braxton Hicks felt stronger. Almost painful but not quite. I think I slept for maybe an hour before I woke up again. They felt more consistent. A tiny bit more painful perhaps. I remember it was 7 AM and I decided to take a shower and drink some water to see if they’d go away. They didn’t. My almost 4 year old had woken up by that time since I was making a lot of noise.

I texted my husband and told him they were consistent but I wasn’t sure if they were real. Around an hour later, they came HARD and fast. I called my mom right away and said I couldn’t stand up, it’s happening every 2 minutes and I’m in a lot of pain. In true Karla fashion, between contractions, I did my hair and makeup, with tears in my eyes. I wasn’t gonna meet my baby boy looking all beat.

My mom, sister and jerm (sister’s fiancé) drove me to the hospital. And me BEING ME still didn’t want to call my husband’s job because what if they checked me at the hospital and they were just strong Braxton Hicks and I was being a baby. I have a low pain tolerance so I just assumed there was a slight chance it was a false alarm and I’m a wuss.

Well, they checked me right away and I was 4 cm dilated, also by that point I was in tears every time I had a contraction. We call my husband, and he was there within 20 minutes. Both of us completely in shock, we didn’t see this coming at all. I was 7 cm (YEAH THIS BOY WANTED TO COME RIGHT AWAY) and they said I needed to make a decision.

They could give me an epidural and see how long I can labor for before he comes or a spinal and we could c-section. At that point the pain was so severe, I couldn’t take it. And in the midst of all that pain, I wanted my baby boy with me. I knew all this meant he was coming and what if the epidural stalls my labor again? What if I rupture while I’m waiting to progress? And there is no option, you have to have some pain management JUST in case you rupture and need an emergency c-section. So I quickly decided I wanted a repeat c-section. I got the spinal, it was BEAUTIFUL to not feel pain. And they scheduled us for 1 PM. Ellis made his wonderful appearance at 1:39 PM. Completely unexpected. December 28th 2019.

Ellis 12-28-2019

I’m so incredibly happy with my labors. They were both cut out of me. People say they’re not natural labors but what exactly does that mean? I love the things science and doctors do. I think it’s AMAZING because without c-sections, my babies might not have been here. Every labor is beautiful. And I like to think our doctors make these decisions because they know what’s best. I hate to think what could’ve happened both times if I waited too long. My babies are ALIVE and HEALTHY because I had c-sections.

Healing from Cartier was a breeze. I’m not sure why but I remember I was absolutely 100% fine. I barely felt pain, I walked around the next few hours. I didn’t take the Tylenol. I had 0 pain management drugs after he was born.

Now with Ellis. The second the spinal wore off, I felt like I got hit by a bus. My incision HURT LIKE HELL. I could barely move. But me, being dumb ME. Didn’t want any pain management. I’m not sure what I’m trying to prove to myself. But I rejected EVERY thing they offered me. They asked how my pain was and I said a 1 when it was an 8. Seriously, I have no idea why I did that.

Thankfully now at 15 weeks, I feel fantastic. I remember after Ellis was born I said I was done. I hated the pain, I hated the anxiety, I hated being away from my oldest. I never wanted to do it again.

Now I think I can do it at least one more time 😉 but this time I have zero reasons to be brave. I will take ALL the drugs they offer me. I’ll also let them take the baby to the nursery because I know once I come home, I probably won’t ever sleep again. My boys are 3 years, 10 months and 10 days apart! I also love how they have 2’s and 8’s in their birthdays, idk why. Feels like destiny I guess! Well those are my babies birth stories! Two completely different wild rides!!


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