I really love blogging. Like no one is forcing anyone to read my stuff. You know, on Facebook, twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, I kind of feel like maybe I could be annoying people. Like they’re forced to see my stuff just because we are family or friends from middle school/high school. I mean, do they really wanna hear my vents and opinions about EVERYTHING? Probably not, but they’d probably feel rude deleting me.

So here you are, reader. You’ve chosen to either click the link on my social media’s and read what I post, or my stuff just comes up on WordPress. You could have read one or two things and said, eh I’ve had enough.

Or you’ve read everything. Either way, no one is forcing anyone to be here. No one is making you look at my thoughts and opinions. You’re here on your own. I love being able to let loose and pretend I don’t have an audience. Like everything I am writing is for me. It’s like my own personal diary. That I guess I’ve decided to share.

I just think sooo much and I have so many anxieties, I have tons of journals, I also have a bunch of tumblr accounts I used to use to write. I obviously never shared those, but this one just feels like I should. It may be because we’re social distancing and I might want to give the audience something to read. Honestly I have new thoughts and opinions everyday. I can write a new blog post every 10 minutes. Writing is my favorite thing to do and somehow I have you, random stranger or person I know, reading what I think about. Welcome!! Come back, or don’t! It makes no difference to me. But I do hope you enjoy my nonsense because I’ve enjoyed writing it.


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