My boys

That’s my favorite thing to say now. So if you think it’s annoying, I am so not sorry. I have TWO BOYS!!! I am a BOY MOM.

I love my sisters, I love my cousins, I love my aunts, I love my nieces. Seriously. I love being surrounded by all these amazing, wonderful, inspiring women!!

And as I contradict myself, I truly honestly do not care about gender!!! But BOY, am I so happy to be able to be a mom of boys. I don’t say it as much as I want to because I would have been so happy whatever gender my babies were and as I’ve mentioned before, I would HATE to make any of the wonderful ladies in my life feel like they made me not want daughters.

But me expressing the absolute LOVE I have for my two boys doesn’t mean I don’t love all the girls or wouldn’t want one in my family. It’s just…I mean. I ONLY have girls in my life. And it’s awesome!! I feel like we get to be best friends!! But I did feel like growing up, I wanted a little brother, I wanted a little nephew. I guess being surrounded by the same made me want different.

So here I am, with my heart so FULL with these two little dudes. I love my boys I love my boys I love my boys!!! I am a boy mom, through and through!!! My boys make me feel things I’ve never felt!! I am so blessed with MY BOYS!!! (Still need one more boy to complete our band though @ husband 😜)


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