Too fast

It’s incredible how fast it’s all going by. One going on 5 and one going on 4 months. Why can’t I hold on to these babies just a little longer?

I keep looking back at pictures of my first who just 3 months ago, I saw as a tiny baby boy and now he’s my huge big boy. I can’t believe he went from this itty bitty newborn to this fully grown kid who can speak in full sentences and use the restroom on his own. Like where did my tiny helpless baby go?

All of that makes me appreciate and enjoy my Ellis way more. I know this phase will end quicker than anything. I know he won’t be able to cuddle with me this easy forever. I only have a few more months him being this tiny creature who needs me to do everything. Who loves me more than anything. Soon he won’t be little anymore. Soon he’ll be a toddling toddler too.

I appreciate my babies so much and I love being a stay at home mom so I can watch them grow fully and enjoy them. I’m with them 24/7 and I still can’t believe they’re growing this fast. Oh my little boys, if only I can keep you tiny longer.

One day you won’t need me anymore. You might not even like me. But I hope you both know you’re my entire world, always and forever.

Tiny Cartier 2016
Tiny Ellis 2020

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