This year felt like magic at the beginning. Everything was going right. And nothing has gone ~wrong~ for us per se. Thankfully, my husband still has a job but also he’s risking infection everyday, which worries me to no end. But here I am looking back at the beautiful beginning of this year and I’m in complete awe of how fast everything changed.

At least 5 people I know got brand new cars this year. My husband and I included. We’re laughing about it since all our cars are looking pretty in our driveways for months now. I remember taking my babies to the museum for my son’s birthday.

I remember hanging out with my friend. (Yeah I only have one, she’s worth 100 though <3) I remember going to my families houses and playing with the new babies. I remember going out to eat and to walk around the mall with my son’s godparents. I remember having movie nights at my uncles. Every Sunday, we’d go to my mom’s house and have dinner. I remember fun times at parks and play places and restaurants. I remember just going to Target is a blast. Everything felt so normal and happy. And it changed in a blink of an eye. I haven’t seen anyone in weeks. I miss my family and my best friend. First and foremost, I hope everyone gets through this okay. I love you all. Stay safe, we will make new beautiful easy little memories soon again!

my favorite thing about 2020 is him coming into our lives
I’m happy he’s not in school and I get to be with him all day again, the best big brother
My husband got me my mom car ❤️Ariana came into my life in February, and she’s sitting pretty in the driveway everyday.
he got himself one too, but alas, he or she doesn’t have a name or gender yet because my husband isn’t weird like me 🙂
At the museum using my Tula for the first time, baby boy slept the WHOLE time
I was so happy we got to make his day special, this year he was old enough to tell us exactly what he wanted, he made it clear “no party, only museum!!!”
we got to vote :,)
it’s crazy they probably won’t remember life before this, but I just hope whatever they do remember (basically Cartier) is having fun at home with us❤️ life would be so dull without my boys

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