The new norm

I think this is what my 4 year old will look like in public forever now.

~ in my opinion ~ we should’ve been wearing masks in public LONG ago. Germs and viruses and bacteria are everywhere. And it’s a precaution taken in so many other parts of the world and I wondered why it didn’t show up here until now.

Just like taking your shoes off before you enter a house, I thought that was common everywhere but lots of people just bring their outdoor germs into a clean house. I also have an issue with outdoor clothes. I always change myself and babies into comfy indoor clothes because what we were wearing outdoors has been contaminated.

And currently I am trying to work on making a bunch of masks for my family. Not even to use right now since we’re not taking any chances with these babies and we don’t go out at all. But after all this is over and we actually have to leave our house, I think it’d be wise for everyone to wear masks in public. Not only for yourself but for someone else you can get sick. While COVID-19 is extremely serious, the flu can be too for someone immunocompromised.

There’s people who could die if they get the flu, but can’t receive the flu shot. I, unfortunately, didn’t get the flu shot for myself and my son until last year because everyone around me made me feel like it wasn’t a good vaccine. Now we’re educated a bit more and I refuse to skip ANY vaccine that can add a layer of protection to us and people around us who can’t get it.

But anyways, this all circles back to: please wash your hands, wash your face, don’t touch your face, cover your face. Protect those who can’t be protected. VACCINATE!!! We’re all in this together.


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