Don’t push it

Everything feels too good to be true. It’s hard to enjoy it. Oftentimes I find myself thinking of all that can go wrong.

But let’s speak the positive into existence. Words are so powerful. I have manifested this life. I speak what I want to God and the universe out loud. Every time I want something badly enough, I will tell them.

Taking a deep breath. Let me value what I have in front of me right now because it’s amazing. My 3 beautiful, wonderful boys. I am the queen. This is an amazing life I have. And nothing will ruin it.

We will get through this chaotic time, healthy and happy. I can’t wait to make some amazing memories with my blessings.

Let me thank God as always for this. Giving me a husband who is just perfect for me, and two beautiful, perfect, amazing and healthy boys I have always wanted. I couldn’t ever ask for more. And even if I wanted to, I don’t want to push my luck.

Everything just feels too perfect. And I am so grateful for extraordinary, magnificent life. I deserve this. We deserve it.


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