Genetics are fun

My husband and I are both latinx. His family is from Mexico and mine is from El Salvador. My lineage seems to be more Spaniard/European (sad, sad) and his is more Native American. This is all from our dna tests.

Now I love seeing how different both our sons are turning out to be!

Our first was born with stick straight hair, it never changed. And his eyes were light. Everyone commented on his eye color. Now he is fair skinned, light brown eyes and dark brown straight hair!

Our second looked like he had straight hair but now it’s so curly (my hair gene will be passed on (,: . His eyes are for sure very dark like my husband’s and his skin seems fair too.

It’s funny how they just mix matched our genes. Both have my skin, Carti has my family’s eyes and my husband’s hair. While Elli has my husband’s eyes and my hair.

Carti has a little dimple from dad and perfect eyesight (not from us LOL) and also a small mouth like me. He also has the most beautiful eyelashes which he also got from dad lol. And his long skinny legs and the ability to eat EVERYTHING in sight and not gain a pound?? Yeah, not a trait of mine.

And Elli has full lips like dad and he sneezes 10 times in a row like dad. His eyelashes and eyebrows still haven’t fully come in so we’ll see about those. His chunky butt gains weight so fast but so did his big brother until he turned 1. They’re both so far, really chubby babies.

Both can sleep forever in their own beds but they suck at sleeping ANYWHERE else such as the car, stroller, our arms etc. Which they definitely got from me. Cause dad can sleep literally anywhere.

Now I know, we are both their parents, of course they’ll have traits from both of us. But it’s so fun seeing it happen right in front of you!

Bonus pic of my baby’s beautiful head of hair🥰


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