Tbh who cares

Why do strangers feel the need to talk about their kids so much? Like…no one cares.

My husband and I can talk about our own kids for hours…like WE think they’re the most magnificent creatures. Because they are OURS. But unless we are close or we are family, I don’t care.

I know off the top of my head who are the people who genuinely care about the amazing-ness that is my own children and I know when to keep my mouth shut.

While people go on and on and on about their kids, I promise you, no one is thinking “wow please tell me so much more about your kids.” No one is going to think your child is better than theres.

I remember times where I have slightly mention my child (in the TINIEST way) and some parents are like “wow my son can already do geometry and speak 7 languages??” UM. Ok at least my child is cuter. LOL no, that’s not what I think.

But I promise not everything requires a brag. Not everything is a competition and complete strangers don’t care about your child’s life story. And nothing, absolutely nothing you say will make anyone think your child is better than their own. My children are better, cuter, smarter and more perfect than all the children in the entire universe and that’s THAT. And guess what??? EVERY PARENT feels that way so PLEASE. Stop. Talking. To. Me. About. Your. “Perfect”. Child. I don’t care. No one DOES.

SORRY not sorry.


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