Genetic Lottery

What are the desired traits in your culture? I’ve noticed a weird little pattern recently around me and I kind of wish we liked all traits equally.

So whenever my first was born, his eyes looked really light. I always knew they were a light brown but it’s like, our families wanted to see green or hazel. They’d be like “WOW such beautiful eyes they’re GREEN.” And I would correct them and say no. They are brown. And still beautiful.

With my second, it’s his hair. No one compliments his big dark brown eyes. They say “wow his hair is so curly and beautiful.” Why did no one comment on my first’s straight hair? Why is no one commenting on my baby’s dark brown eyes?

I feel like they only seem to comment on what Eurocentric features they seem to have. They seem happy they have fair skin. Colored eyes seem to be more beautiful to them than our brown eyes.

I’m going to make sure my boys know they have the most beautiful eyes, hair, and everything no matter the color, texture or whatever they have. Random thoughts I guess!!! Goodnight 🙂


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