It’s a bit annoying seeing people say “you guys never had over $1000 in the bank or something”? I know people share these memes to be funny or whatever, but these $1200 per person are an actual life line to so many.

I am blessed that my husband is still working and we can use this extra money for our savings. But I also like that we have a bit more spending money than usual which is almost sad.

People out there, losing jobs and incomes, wondering if their bills will be paid, if their kids will be fed. While you have others saying they don’t even need the money, they have so much money, $1200 is nothing.

And of course, I don’t blame the upper middle class for the poverty stricken lower class. But I just wish maybe the people get money and don’t need it would at least act a little grateful. Times like these aren’t a time to brag about how this check is pocket change to you.

I wish we could be more united as whole. And see the world through someone else’s eyes. Someone else who has babies they love more than anything, someone who is falling on the hardest times of their life. We are all struggling right now whether it be financially, emotionally, mentally or whatever.

Let’s be there for one another. Think about what you say.


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