Bragging Rights

How do you brag? How does it feel to try to one up people constantly? Why do people feel like they’re better? Why do people like rubbing things in other faces?

I was raised in a weird environment. They liked doing stuff like that. He told us we were better than them. Poor people. Hispanic people. People didn’t have what we had so must remind them. We are better. We are above these people.

But when life hits you hard, you humble yourself real quick.

I don’t constantly want to tell people HA I’m better. I have two beautiful boys and they’re so much better than what you have. My husband is so amazing, better than yours ;P

I see so many people always say “my *so and so* is better than yours.” But why? Why does it matter? You know you’re the only person that thinks that. Most of us are in love with our own lives so much that we don’t consider the possibility of someone else’s being better.

I don’t think your mom/friend/significant other/children/life is better than mine. I am happy and constantly grateful for every tiny thing God has given me. Sometimes I catch myself feeling like I need to show off something and then I stop. What is the point?

Now you can share your beautiful accomplishments and happiness but you can’t disguise the bragging. You can easily EASILY tell when someone is simply so happy they want to share their excitement with the world, and you can tell when someone is trying to say they are better than you by what they have. But when you’re constantly looking to be better than others, I see people being so insecure than they need reassurance. They like imagining everyone is jealous. It’s toxic. I know because it’s ALL around me. It has been for 24 years so I can recognize this behavior so easily. I can’t say how or why but let’s say I hear it almost everyday.

I sometimes want to delete or block people that like to make people others feel less than them. It would start so much drama within family and old friends. But I hate imagining some person who has suffered, who doesn’t have a lot, who wishes to have better, see people say the things they say and automatically made feel like shit. There’s tons of people who aren’t secure with what they have who wouldn’t feel very good. Or who are struggling with maybe some issues and see “yeah my life is better than yours!” Yeah thanks for the reminder.

Don’t be that person. Be happy in making others happy. Be the light in the world, not the darkness.

(Also sorry for the typos I never proofread)


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