Tell me I’m wrong

People get so defensive when they are wrong. I wish we could normalize being in the wrong so we wouldn’t make it such a big deal.

If I feel like I am in the wrong or if someone tells me I am wrong, I like to reflect.

I apologize and ask for forgiveness. I try to my hardest to tell everyone around me “sorry.” Maybe I say it too much. Maybe not enough.

But tell me I’m wrong. Tell me if I say something that bothers you. Tell me when I offend. I like to fix my actions from the start instead of letting them fester until you blow up down the road.

In other instances, I feel like I was wrong doing other things and people know but don’t tell me. I put my son’s life in danger when he was a child and I wouldn’t have been offended by someone saying “hey that’s dangerous.”

I like to know if I am doing something wrong. I like to better myself all the the time and I need help doing that. I can’t see myself outside this box, I only see me for me, and my own side. Communication is always key.


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