Safe Zone

Sometimes staying away from people can help heal you.

I know a lot of people are suffering right now, but is it weird I feel great?

I’m not sure if it has to do with being a complete introvert. But I feel way less anxious and worried.

I do tend to worry a lot but right now, I don’t think about these things nearly as much. I am home and I see no end in sight with this virus. I can’t plan or worry about the future because I don’t see one.

It’s like my mind is healing from the constant overthinking or stress I feel when I have to go out/interact with others.

Home is my safe spot. I love being here. I hate leaving. And now I don’t have a choice. I can stay here as long as I want, away from the dangers of the world. Away from society.

I spend all day in my safe zone and no one can make me leave. I feel relief.


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