The Past

I wish people would leave the past in the past. I’ll never understand high school reunions or the need to chat with people you have no connection with except the fact that you graduated together.

I understand high school was a huge part it a lot of people’s lives and some people actually did experience the “best moments” of their lives there (sad) so maybe they want to remember their glory.

High school was just that to me. A school. An obstacle to get through. Maybe it’s because I moved from a different state and started a whole different high school with new people I didn’t care for. But I see people who were like me and still have some sort of attachment to this place and these people.

I want to leave ALL that in the past. The only memories that were worth a damn to me involved people I still talk to. My husband and my best friend were the only people in that school who actually gave me beautiful memories of high school, pep rallies, dances and games.

The rest just feels like a dull roar of random people who don’t matter. When I see people from high school out in public, I will avoid them at all costs. Don’t make any eye contact or pretend I don’t recognize.

People I didn’t even talk to then, when we had at least a little something in common, try to talk to me NOW. It feels sort of fake. Um, you ignored me all 4 years and now you’re curious to see how I’m doing…no. If I never talked to you then, I sure as hell won’t talk to you now.

Maybe another instance of being a weirdo but just let the past STAY there. Maybe you grew up around this same group of people your whole life and you get attached, sure. But from an outsiders perspective, I’ll never understand the need to have this group of random people in your lives years after you’ve graduated. LET IT GO.


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