They’ve become more demanding, it’s hard to post. And whenever we get them to bed, all I want to do it sleep. Plus the past days, we’ve had no internet and so I’m not even on my phone bc it’s basically useless.

These past few weeks, we’ve been redoing our room, decluttering our home. I’ll be honest, I am the queen of being a disorganized mess.

When it comes to cleaning, I can sweep and mop 3 times day, get all the dishes and laundry done. I never let the trash get too full. (I do have troubles with the bathroom because I want to bleach everything but also I might die from the chemicals) I’m not one to let the dishes pile up or to not get the laundry put away.

But organizing?? COUNT ME OUT. I can not for the life of me put things away properly and neatly. I’m not a dirty person. So the past weeks, I’ve been working on slowly getting rid of all the useless things and making our home less crowded. It’s good for the mind.

And our room was the most neglected. Whenever we moved into our home, we were both 20, had no furniture and not a lot of money so we all the stuff we had were hand me downs and used furniture.

I told my husband 3 weeks ago that I wanted to redo our entire room and he made it happen. I’ve ordered all new things and furniture, he was building things for a week straight lol. But I finally feel like our space is OURS. Before, our room was just for sleeping, and now it feels like my sanctuary.

All these years, we’ve put time and effort into the kids room, literally painted it and got new furniture for it and we never cared to redo ours. So now our little space makes me so happy. Thank you babe for making everything I ask for happen❤️


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