he doesn’t like when I brag about him but I think my husband is the coolest, most creative person ever. his pinky has more creativity than my entire body.

never in my mind did I think people could do the things he does.

Did y’all know there’s a gun out there specifically for making rugs?? Would I ever have known this fact without him? No.

He sold one of his creations for quite a bit, in my opinion. It’s hard to wrap my head around things like that because I don’t think my hands would ever quite something so beautiful that someone would be willing to pay for it. I can’t make things, I have 0 patience for that kind of stuff. I don’t care to learn to create.

I just like reading/writing and playing with my kids and watching tv. That’s it, that’s my only talent. I can cook okay too, do I like it? Not really, I rather eat out. But I enjoy my food. I like to do my makeup, I like to photograph my kids. But to get to that level where you genuinely take your time to make things and have fun doing so?? Can’t relate LOL

My husband; the coolest person I know. And I got to marry him 🥰


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