I never understood the point of following someone on social media and purposefully ignoring what they post.

I realized within the past 6 months when my son was born that I had 200+ followers. And majority of them I hadn’t spoken to in YEARS. And they never interacted with my stuff.

I am constantly narrowing the list down, to where I have 70 now and it’s still the same but this time people I actually do know. There’s family and friends there that avoid what I post. It’s quite obvious when you have mutual followers that they like their stuff, every other person that post at the same time you do, but specifically go out of their way to avoid yours.

I remember thinking I was crazy until I brought it up to someone and they validated me. Apparently lots of people just follow others to be judgmental or don’t really genuinely care about people they see post.

And I can’t really narrow down who doesn’t use social media and who’s an asshole. So at that point, I just get rid of everyone. Because I post pictures of my personal pride and joy, my babies, my family. Things that feel intimate to me. I don’t like sharing much about my life anymore. I don’t give any details and when I do, I want the people that are on my social media to be positive, to love and be supportive. I don’t want any negative bad energy when someone sees an innocent picture of my kids.

I knew this age of social media has warped everyone’s mind. You follow people not because you like them and care about their life but because they’re entertaining and perhaps a bit of mess and you like looking at it.

I followed so many people for so long until I realized hey I don’t talk to this person, I just don’t want to unfollow because I like judging them.

Then you kind of wonder who is just looking at your stuff for entertainment but don’t give a shit about you or your kids or your family.

In my spirituality, I feel like it can’t be good to have so many unsupportive hateful people look at pictures of your family. I don’t want their bad energy or their evil eye. I don’t want them there.

It’s hurtful, I noticed a lot of people that are my family. Close. They seem to interact with all other family members but never once on my photos. Friends that I’ve known for years.

But I set my own boundaries. I choose who can see what I want them to see. No one has that privilege unless I give it to them. They don’t have a right to my privacy or my photos or my special moments. It’s all mine and mine to do what I choose with it.


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