Everyday has been the same. Everyday has been a blessing.

I spend every single day with my little family.

While I lose my patience every now and then, sometimes it’s hard, I do enjoy having both my babies with me at all times.

I can be a bit paranoid and I don’t trust people with my whole world. Which are my kids. How could I? They’re everything I’ve ever wanted and dreamed of. I hate the idea of ever handing them off to people.

Sometimes I feel more at ease with this “pandemic” thing going around. I don’t have to see people, I don’t have to take my kids out into the crazy world. They don’t have to go to school.

It’s like they are in a bubble with me, safe and sound everyday. While sometimes we do miss the little things, it’s nice to just enjoy each other.

I’m happy we get the opportunity to stay home with each other. I’m blessed to have the privilege of staying home with them at all times. They’re my little best friends and the thought of anything from the outside worlds risking their safety has scared me for years even before this virus came around.

I’m less anxious now. Less worried. I know as long as we keep home, and keep taking our precautions, I think God will watch over us. Stay safe ❤️


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