Not just a mother

We aren’t just stay at home moms. You’re more than a “just”. There’s always a sense of shame when people as oh what do you do? You don’t feel like being at home with your babies, raising them is a big enough feat. You’re there day after day, night after night, handling everything. No salary, no compensation.

Staying with your children and being there is an accomplishment. You don’t need a job or a degree. You’re enough. Don’t let people make you feel bad for putting your kids first. Everything else can wait.

Being “just” a mom is more than enough. You don’t have to try to earn someone else’s respect because it doesn’t matter. People think motherhood is a mundane activity that doesn’t require anything. It’s not an accomplishment, being a mom? That’s what you have to do once you have kids, right? You don’t deserve a metal or special treatment like those that have “actual” jobs.

Listen, you are more than anything in this universe. You are your kids’ whole world. Those little hearts want you more than anyone else. They don’t care about money, they don’t care about any other accomplishment. So I am here to say, my biggest accomplishment will always be being a mother.

My kids, my babies. They’re everything I am. And no one will take my trophies and make me feel less for wanting to be with them all day.


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