Why do people ask about you?

Do you think they truly are interested in hearing how you are? Or do you think they’re just wanting to tell you about them?

I find it hard to talk about myself. I feel like people genuinely don’t care about what you’re doing or how you’re doing, they’re just waiting to speak about them.

I have noticed whenever I do speak about my life, it’s quickly turned around to back the person who asked me. As if what I’m saying is being said to be listened to, but to be replied to.

Instead of really paying attention to what the other person is saying, you are already thinking about what you want to say in response.

Of course it’s great to have a well-thought-out reply, but if you’re thinking about what you want to say instead of hearing what the other person is saying, you aren’t listening and communicating well.

The majority of my relationships are like this. People don’t care anymore unless they can relate it to themselves.

People don’t listen anymore. While I’ve always cared a lot and ask a lot of questions, I am genuinely and truly listening to what they say. I want to be there for people.

But I force myself to be silent for the world because the world doesn’t want to truly listen to me.

So next time you ask someone what’s up, don’t look forward to them asking about you. Don’t ask them about what they’re up to, don’t listen their reply and think about how you can trace it back to you.

Actually listen to them.


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