It’s unbelievable to me how many people out there have kids just because they can. That’s IT.

Here I am, a loving mother of 2. When I tell you I try SO hard to be a good mom, I mean it.

Would I absolutely love to have another child? Maybe two? HECK YEAH. I LOVE the babies I’ve made and would go crazy for another!

My life feels so perfect and balanced right now. I know bringing another angel into this world would take another mental and emotional toll on us. I know that baby would be absolutely loved but I know it’s obvious going to be tougher.

I think about the love and attention that would get taken away from my boys. I think about how everything would be different. My patience would probably be spread quite thin. There would be so much more work.

I take so many things into account. How we would all be affected. Of course, we’d get used to it. But why?

I think about all the people that have tons of kids and don’t have the resources to actually care. They have them because they can. They can easily get pregnant and decide that they just want more. I see people with an abundance of children and don’t CARE. They don’t take care of the ones they have so why bring more into the world?

It’s unfair to me. To think of the people suffering because they want a child so bad. To see people be able to reproduce without thinking these little humans need to be taken care of. Just because you can have them, doesn’t mean you should.

I know I can have as many as I want. But my sense tell me what’s best. For my family, for our emotional health. No matter what, adding someone to your family should always be seen as a big huge change and commitment. It’s surprising to me that people don’t see it that way. That they just keep bringing them into the world without an actual thought of what it means to their life and family.

Live and let live, I always say. But truly, think about the consequences of your actions. It’s unfortunate than anyone can become a parent just by having unprotected sex. They can be responsible for the lives of so many kids. And don’t even give it a second though.

And here’s me. I wish I didn’t care sometimes. I’d have an abundance of kids too. But I care. And I care A LOT. My boys deserve the best and I know I can provide that with their just being 2.


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