How do you heal?

I’ve always wondered what steps others took to heal their internal wounds.

I know I still have some damage in there. I catch myself thinking things I shouldn’t. I generally try to lead my life with positivity. I forgive quite easily. I just try to be as joyful and easygoing as I can.

But I do find myself getting enraged at times in situations that don’t call for it. I get angered and think negative thoughts. It must come from somewhere dark inside me that I don’t know of.

I wish I could go into myself and figure out what is still causing me pain and causing me to be negative. Certain things bother me that others would probably think are silly.

I take a step back and re-analyze. Not everything is about me. The world isn’t out to get me. There are bigger things to worry about than what a small person thinks or says about me.

I am loved by many. I feel loved and cherished by the beautiful boys surrounding me.

Whatever is negative in me won’t win because I am love and light. I can heal whatever it is if only I knew what I need. That probably doesn’t make sense. But it’s a weird sensation becoming self aware of certain things but also not know exactly what I can do to help me think better.

Well thanks for listening.


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