Does it ever feel wrong taking your children around people who don’t like kids? Like there will be a sort of negative impact to your own kids being somewhere where they are not genuinely liked/welcomed?

The majority of my own family love children. There’s always been kids around me growing up. I think kids are so fun, they’re tiny humans that are brutally honest and I find them hilarious. I’ve always loved kids, I try to make them all feel understood, give them attention and love.

But being around people who love kids and genuinely care about yours gives you expectations about anyone around your kids. So when you’re around people who don’t even acknowledge your own children’s existence or are actually somewhat rude to your babies, it feels uncomfortable.

I know I grew up in a very tight-knit family where we had lots of love from not just our own parents but from our aunts, uncles, grandparents. There’s so many of us but there was always kindness whenever we were with others. I never felt unwelcomed and I think that’s why lots of us are always loving and caring to all the kids in our family.

It’s hurtful especially when you, yourself are really close to people that don’t seem to want your kids around. We’re a package deal, you gotta have love in your heart for all of us.

Maybe it’s something that happens once you have your own kids, you realize you shouldn’t be so unwelcoming to other children. But I think that’s an excuse, since I know people personally who don’t have kids, and show my babies all the love and care in the world.

I guess I have to accept some people genuinely don’t like other people’s children. But I have to also think if I want my own children in an environment where they are not 100% welcomed. Random thoughts from a dream I just had. What do you think about?


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