Disconnected again

So lately I have been testing myself because that’s just how I am.

I delete social media apps off my phone for a few days and see how long I last.

I think the longest has only been maybe 3 days.

It was easier for me to stay off social media whenever I deactivated everything, but I don’t want to do that anymore. I still want to keep my accounts simply because I do sometimes want to check in on my family and friends and what they’ve posted.

But I want to do it only once a week. And then move it to once every 2 weeks.

It gives me so much peace to not be connected to the mayhem that is going on in the world.

We went on a little getaway recently and I deleted them the day before we left and got them back the day after we came back, and it was the best break I had.

Completely disconnected from any form of social media. And it was easy because I was constantly doing something with my family.

I want my regular day to day life to be like that. Not even notice that I deleted the apps because I’m busy doing something productive with myself. While I do consider myself quite involved with my kids, whenever I have me time, it’s always on social media. I want me time to just be something else that doesn’t require a phone.

Anyways, as summer comes to an end, that’s my resolution. Stay off everything and disconnect. Check in not that often.

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