My oldest baby has the kindest, most gentle soul I’ve seen.

I’ve tried different approaches to parenting and I’ve found what works for him. I never felt comfortable with physical punishment or time-outs.

His school did time-outs and it bothered me to no end. I think he is one of the most well-behaved kids so he wouldn’t have much problems but I hated the idea of it either way.

Now that he can communicate, it’s wonderful to hear what goes on in his little head and why he stresses out. I can actually help him.

Whenever he’s acting out, I know he isn’t giving me a hard time, he’s just having a hard time because he’s a kid and they just do.

The past 2 years I’ve changed my approach completely and I’ve never seen him thrive so much. He’s so sweet and gentle and caring. And I think we helped bring it out of him with our own parenting. I’m not sure if I can take credit, he’s always been gentle. A little angrier as a baby and a bit of a grump, but as he gets closer to 5, I’m always in awe of what a wonderful, hilarious, kind kid my husband and I made.

Now his brother on the other hand, I know he’s already the craziest, wildest baby I’ve seen. I think God really wanted to balance me out with my sweet angel and my tiny trouble-maker.


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