Personality Opposites

My youngest baby is hilarious to me, he’s always so happy and adventurous at home. He is ALWAYS smiling, laughing, trying to crawl/stand/walk/climb. But whenever we are not home, or he notices someone he doesn’t recognize in our home, he is so serious.

He just clings to mom, looks slightly frightened/serious and won’t do anything. He looks kind of mad.

It makes me laugh because it reminds me of his dad. They can only be their happy goofy selves around people they love and are completely serious/uncomfortable in other places. I didn’t know kids could inherit that but my baby is definitely like his dad.

It’s sort of insane to me, thinking about his dad how people think he’s mad 24/7. Growing up, I’ve had this bubbly personality (or so I’ve been told) where I’m upbeat and usually laughing/smiling. While my husband usually has a straight face and zones out just because he doesn’t feel comfortable, so I understand. And I was always asked “oh, why is he mad?” And I just have to say, oh he just looks like that. King of the RBF. It’s interesting to see the night and day difference. How I get to see this beautiful, loving, hilarious side to them that they don’t want to share with others. I wonder if my son would outgrow that. Or he just has stranger anxiety cause he’s a baby and my husband never I grew that lol.

Either way, I’m interested in my exact opposites. I wear my heart on my sleeves all the time. I find it difficult to show when I’m not happy since I’ve always been a people pleaser. I wonder if it’s nice to just show the world that you aren’t feeling it’s vibe not care what they think.

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