I feel really lucky that my kids’ dad is so protective of them.

Sometimes I lack a certain, backbone. I know I do. I know if it came down to it, I will stand up for my kids no matter what.

But he has an edge. While I think people would step all over me, I know people don’t like to mess with him.

He’s always been my voice when I’m not loud enough. He’s the best advocate I could ask for.

I know I don’t need him to get things done and I know I can hold my own when I need too, especially for my kids. But it’s nice to have someone who knows when enough is enough and stands his ground against me too.

He puts a stop to things he doesn’t like and he also calls me out when he knows I’m not being fair or maybe a bit impatient with my babies.

I feel so blessed that they have him as their protector. Their angel always their to pick them up when someone else hurts them.

Thank you. You always know exactly what to do and I know I try to be a bit too positive and kind in situations that may not be the best for our little ones. Thanks for getting us out of them and knowing when I’m wrong and calling me out. I know you only have their best interests at heart, and you never want to see them be harmed in any way. You’re a wonderful dad. You’re raising some pretty fantastic kids.


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