Don’t take it personal

I’ve had to learn throughout the years to not take things so personally. If something isn’t directly said to me, I’ll ignore it. I do avoid conflict unless I am being confronted, then I’ll speak on it. But there’s no point getting yourself worked up over something that isn’t brought up directly to you. Growing up, I feel like I had to address ever single thing I felt bothered me, whether they were rumors from friends, or family members talking their nonsense. People will always talk, you can’t change that. But you can always change your own reaction to it and how you let it affect you.

So I don’t take things personally. If someone stops being nice to me, stops communicating with me, starts talking bad things about me, I simply let it go. I don’t feel like this young teenager anymore. Drama is for kids, and I am an adult who has the ability to speak up when something is bothering me. I do match people’s energy, not in a personal way at all. Simply because I feel like I could be annoying to someone or they need space from me.

If it’s disrupting your peace, it isn’t worth it. Take a breath, and look at your blessings around you. No one can ever take those away.


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