Boys Only Club

Today I found out I’m having another niece💕

Then my aunt pointed out that I remain queen of the boys. And I asked her what she meant.

She said I was the only one in our family (so far) that has only made boys. Those that have a son, only have one and the rest are girls. I had the privilege of raising the future men of the world, she said.

I thought it was kind of neat, I wasn’t aware how far back our family of pure girls went and how no one seems to make boys in our giant family.

But it’s a scary responsibility as I think about it, I hope everything I’m doing creates wonderful men that bring only good into this world. Men have a bad rep, no matter how we see it. In the world, in our family and for a good reason. So I hope the boys I’m raising change that.

God trusted me into bringing and raising boys into this world and I take my responsibility very serious. My little men will be extraordinary (I mean, they already are).


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