Lil Humble Brag (PT.2)

My youngest baby is crazy.

So while we had to see a genetics doctor last year, she informed me that the chances a 2nd child would have autism were higher and those chances were even higher if it’s a boy. I remember my husband and I looked at each other and kind of laughed. Because I happened to be pregnant at the time AND with a boy. We read up on the chances but since they couldn’t trace anything in our own genes (or our oldest) that showed where the deformity was, they didn’t think it was that high of a chance. But we have to back to once a year since their technology keeps changing and they find out new stuff every year, apparently. Anyways that’s the backstory.

So now, as a mom of 2 boys, the oldest being autistic, I keep an eye out for things with our youngest. And when I tell y’all, he’s crazy. I mean, he can do EVERYTHING.

He was rolling front to back at 6 weeks. He was trying to sit up at 4-5 months. I remember his doctor looking at him like ?? How is he doing that?

I know that doesn’t mean anything from an autism perspective, but I do feel genuinely perplexed.

I know every child is different, even your own kids. But mines are so vastly different, I’m always scratching my head.

He is standing, and attempting to walk at 8 months old.

He is everything that people warned me about my first.

They told us that he would be jumping off couches, destroying toys, putting everything in his mouth, ripping things to shred. And he never did. He was so laid back. Grouchy and a bit sensitive like mama, yes. But he’s never been “wild”.

So I’m in a new world as this child throws everything off my book shelf. He eats anything he finds. He is too smart for his own good and my hands are full with this tiny kid.

I love everything about it. I love getting to be able to experience every aspect of parenting from the calm side to the crazy side. I feel like I can almost handle everything they throw at me. None of my babies have ever been 100% easy. They’re both just so intelligent, they confuse everyone. I don’t normally brag to anyone except for our own family since it makes me uncomfortable. But this is my safe space thanks to my husband who provided me with it.

I love my boys so much!!!!!! I can’t even explain it. When I see them together, everything feels so perfect. It feels so right. They’re my little babies made in Heaven just for us. God knows exactly what we needed with our two. I’m obsessed with them.


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