Subtle Differences

You ever wonder how your life would be painted had things gone differently?

In comparison to the person who I’ve been married to for almost 5 years, I always wonder what if I had been in his shoes?

I knew we had two completely different upbringings. We both had struggles but they weren’t the same kind.

When I see the intensity of the love my mother in law has for her son, I wonder what it would be like to have a mom like that. A mom who stands up for her children no matter what. A mom who has fought for her children (literally physically fought people who hurt her kids). I wonder how it feels to know that your mom would do anything for you.

I don’t have that kind of dependency. I know that if worse comes to worst, my mom would charge us for everything if we had to live with her. Any type of struggle I’ve needed help with, ends up with her taking advantage.

While my mom charged us for rent/bills when we were struggling, my mother-in-law bought 4 plots of land for her children so we’d always have something that is 100% ours, she says.

There’s a lot of talk from my mom’s side. A lot of pretty words that we are the princesses of her lives and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for us. She’s sacrificed so much for us and everything she does on her life is about us. When I believe everything in her life is about her and what’s in her best interest.

Now my mother in law doesn’t have pretty words. She has pretty actions. She just does everything for her kids and doesn’t have to make a spectacle out of it.

I never understand people who exploit their children. I know I would always support my children 100% with any type of help they needed. I wouldn’t ever take from them.

I often wonder how much more secure I would’ve grown up having a parent that defends me and protects me as they’re supposed to. The love that’s so intense that nothing stands between you and your love for you children.

I may not have had that, but I know I have/will give that to my children. I am protective and defensive, no harm will come to them if I can help it. Especially not from their own mother.


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