Covid-19 Vaccine Trials Day 1

Today, I participated as a study patient for the COVID-19 Vaccine Trials for Pfizer.

I have a few concerns but nothing that stops me. I feel like it’s sort of strange to hear from family about how brave I am and how they’d never do it. (Especially when I didn’t ask) Or uneducated comments about how rushed it is or how they’d never risk themselves like that. I’m glad the good Lord gave me a brain to be able to properly research on my own, as well as the ability to ask actual experts in the field instead of going off whatever scary thing they hear from their friends or social media. I really think the government wouldn’t waste their time implanting a chip to stalk this girl from Texas 🤠 I kind of regret posting about simply because I know they’re probably speaking amongst themselves about me being a psycho. But oh well, what can I say? I love science, vaccines save lives. I’m 100% a vaxxer and follow the schedule the CDC puts out for all of us. We get every vaccine recommended including the flu shot every year. We will not put ourselves or our babies at risk and I hope more people will get the flu shot this year to keep those who can’t get it safe. ANYWHO enough about my rant.

It was a very long process. Today was my first visit and there will be six visits total throughout the span of 2 years.

Once I got there, they put me in my own room, and I was in that same chair for about 3 hours. I saw lots of different nurses and doctors, each one doing something completely different. Some took my temperature, others did paperwork, some bloodwork, COVID-19 test swab, they checked my blood pressure, consent forms, pregnancy test. It felt like it took so long before someone finally came it with a vaccine.

Overall, it wasn’t at all unpleasant. The worst part was the actual COVID test. The vaccine didn’t hurt at all, my arm is sore right now though, after 9ish hours.

I am documenting my experience just because I feel like I am part of something world-changing. I’d like to remember being part of it.

I am planning on giving this vaccine to my children at some point as well, when it’s on the market so it makes me feel better for my husband and I to get it before they do.

So day 1, first visit was supposedly the longest. I’ll have to go back it 3 weeks for my second dose. So we will see how that goes! Wish me luck on this new experience!


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