I like being fun with my hair, sometimes I wonder if people think I’m too old to being doing these things. Then I remember I don’t care what people think!! Life’s short!! Hair grows back!!!


It took me a while to see how our own communities could be “racist” towards our own kind. I think the micro-aggressions felt so normalized that I didn’t pay attention. “Your skin is so light and pretty, don’t go outside too much or it’s going to get dark!” “You don’t want your skin to get … Continue reading Colorism


It’s unbelievable to me how many people out there have kids just because they can. That’s IT. Here I am, a loving mother of 2. When I tell you I try SO hard to be a good mom, I mean it. Would I absolutely love to have another child? Maybe two? HECK YEAH. I LOVE … Continue reading Senses


Why do people ask about you? Do you think they truly are interested in hearing how you are? Or do you think they’re just wanting to tell you about them? I find it hard to talk about myself. I feel like people genuinely don’t care about what you’re doing or how you’re doing, they’re just … Continue reading Listen


Reminder that your boundaries are for you! They are not for anyone else except FOR YOU. They are for your happiness. They are for you to feel respected. For your voice to be heard and for YOUR COMFORT. Don’t be ashamed in setting your boundaries with family and/or friends. Just because someone is a family … Continue reading !!!