I think I’ve read Wuthering Heights about 10 times. It was my first literary classic book. I remember all I ever wanted in life is a first edition book which probably costs a million dollars. It’s a beautiful romantic book from the 1800’s. I loved it SO much that I remember when my husband said he picked the name Ellis for our son, I remembered that was Emily Bronte’s pen name so I said PERFECT. This book is so passionate for it’s time, it’s literally one of my FAVORITE romance books ever.
This book was probably one of my first official favorite books (after going through all the goosebumps and baby-sitters club series as a kid) I love reading, it’s my favorite hobby. This book had a huge impact on me as a kid. I was inspired by Stargirl, the main character because she always was herself. She was different and I think that made me love myself more as a child. To this day, I always remember how much I loved Stargirl. I remember getting my little sister to read it and now, years later, she loved it so much too, she got a tattoo for it. Such a good book for younger people, coming of age.