Everyday has been the same. Everyday has been a blessing. I spend every single day with my little family. While I lose my patience every now and then, sometimes it’s hard, I do enjoy having both my babies with me at all times. I can be a bit paranoid and I don’t trust people with … Continue reading Everyday

Too much

There’s so much to think about it. There’s so much tragedy going on in the world. People are dying, people are fighting, people are angry, people are starving. This pandemic has taken a toll on so many people’s lives. Some people lost loved ones. Some people have lost jobs and don’t know how they’re going … Continue reading Too much


When I was a kid, I watched this movie called Twister. A lot of the images in that movie were from real life tornadoes. I never actually gave much thought to these things until I became an adult. Growing up in California, I don’t think tornadoes were on the list of natural disasters I had … Continue reading Tornado


It’s hard to rewrite how you see yourself. I am confident in a lot of things. I’ve never been insecure (maybe a few times in high school) about what I look like. I’m surrounded by lots of beautiful women, some I consider prettier than me but that never really made me insecure. If anything it … Continue reading Validation